Revolutionizing Web3 Together: DTC Group and Metapac Group Partner to Accelerate Growth and Foster Innovation

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] – Metapac Group, ASEAN Web3 ecosystem builder, is proud to announce its partnership with DTC Group, a top web3 accelerator and incubator in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. With this collaboration, Metapac and DTC Group will offer a comprehensive range of services to founders and emerging projects in the web3 community. This partnership will add significant value to the growth of the web3 space by providing the necessary resources and expertise for innovative and disruptive projects to succeed. Together, we will support the full launch and continued growth of these projects, fostering innovation, and driving adoption in the blockchain industry.

DTC Group has an impressive track record of successful crypto and NFT projects, including WIRTUAL, Cloud Chat, C-CHARGE, AMAZY, Avania, Fishing Town, Spume, AniFi World, and many more. Their services include consulting and advisory, blockchain development, fundraising, partnerships and connections, IDOs, exchanges, online-offline marketing, and more.

As part of the partnership, DTC Group will also be Metapac’s incubation partner for Whalepod, the ASEAN Web3-centric reality show designed to showcase innovative and disruptive projects in the Web3 ecosystem. The show will provide entrepreneurs with a unique platform to pitch their ideas to a panel of expert judges, including seasoned venture capitalists and angel investors.

As an incubation partner, DTC Group will provide Whalepod participants with access to their incubation program, helping them turn their ideas into successful ventures. The partnership between Metapac and DTC Group is a testament to their commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the Web3 ecosystem.


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Barami, CEO of DTC Group, added, “We are thrilled to partner with Metapac Group as their incubation partner for the Whalepod reality show. This partnership provides us with a unique opportunity to accelerate the adoption of web3 projects and showcase innovative and disruptive ventures in the space. Metapac’s dedication to their partners and their innovative solutions make them an ideal partner for us. By combining our expertise and services, we can provide comprehensive support to founders and emerging projects, helping them to achieve their goals and succeed in the Web3 industry. We are excited about the potential impact of this partnership in accelerating the adoption of web3 projects and creating a better future for the blockchain industry.”

Arthur Tan, CEO of Metapac Group, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to have DTC Group as our partner to help emerging founders and projects in the web3 ecosystem. DTC Group’s expertise and experience in the crypto and NFT space make them the ideal accelerator and incubation partner for us. Together, we will provide a wide range of comprehensive services to support the full launch and growth of these innovative and disruptive projects. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the Web3 industry, and we can’t wait to see the impact we will make together.”

The partnership between Metapac Group and DTC Group is a significant development in the Web3 ecosystem, offering entrepreneurs and investors the resources they need to build successful projects and shape the future of the blockchain industry.

DTC Group is one of the top web3 marketing agencies / accelerator / incubator which provides one-stop-services for Crypto & NFT projects. We provide all the services a project needs to support its full launch, as our quotes state, “We Scale the Unscalable.” Our services include consulting and advisory, blockchain development, fund-raising, partnerships and connections, IDOs, exchanges, online – offline full marketing and more.

Portfolio examples: WIRTUAL, Cloud Chat, C-CHARGE, AMAZY, Avania, Fishing Town, Spume, AniFi World, Metain, EFT, SBGGLOBAL, METFX, Royal Pay, Cannabitia, NFT11, Bit Castle War, SCITY Metaverse, CALVARIA, Origins, Solis Terminus, Anito Legends, AAPTITUDE, PalmSwap, Pong Heroes, Zillion Aakar XO and alot more.

Metapac Group is a visionary and dedicated ASEAN Web3 ecosystem builder, committed to delivering meaningful impact and driving positive change. With a focus on three key verticals, we are dedicated to nurture, influence, and support the founders and builders of Web3 and blockchain-based projects that aim to bring goodness to communities, people, and the world. We believe in the power of technology to create a better future, and our goal is to play a crucial role in fostering the growth of this revolutionary movement.

Our aspiration is to accelerate Web3 adoption in this region and position Malaysia as the pivotal hub of the center of excellence for web3 and blockchain.

Metapac Group

Metapac Group

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