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Metapac is a Play-to-Earn Gaming Guild in the Metaverse

We are a community of gamers, traders and investors embarking on the audacious goal of reshaping the status quo of socio economics, employment, and finance. We have an all-star core team of thinkers, movers and shakers; within the startup, operations, financial and crypto industry.Currently, Metapac have raised more than USD$ 1,000,000 from private investors to run the guild and purchase digital assets to play games. Metapac aims to be the go to destination for play-to-earn gaming; to build careers and relationships online.

The guild has invested funds into games like WonderHero and StarAtlas, and going into more highly-anticipated games in the coming months. We are building a true gaming community, empowering people to live on their own terms and impacting the livelihood of communities around the world. We know that when the interests of our communities are all aligned, that is when true growth happens. We are the settlers of the new world, the citizens of the metaverse, and the gamers of tomorrow.

Play2Earn NFT Games

Speaker 1


Play2Earn Mobile RPG; NFT Assets, Turn-Based, Anime-Inspired. Your Gaming Passion is your Greatest Asset!

Speaker 2

Star Atlas

A grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and more.

Speaker 3

Definity Legends

A competitive NFT and DeFi game making it possible for gamers to make money while enjoying the game.

Speaker 3

Battle of the Rim

Combination of PvEvP and Brawler, to encourage a fresh presentation of strategy gameplay.


Based on our resources and marketing strategy, we have created an attainable roadmap. Any extra achievements or milestones will be announced to the public through our social media platforms.

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SOP for Game Scholarship Application

We will develop and follow a framework for SOP development which aims to create a strong knitted community of guild members.

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Event partnership with Cryp2KL : Metapac AMA

The event will be held on 14th December 2021 at RexKL.

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Metapac Guild - Guilds and Scholars Recruitment

We will be interviewing and recruiting our first batch of 500 scholars.

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Secure Game Beta Test accounts for scholars

Our guild leaders will be preparing a series of gameplay tutorials for the scholars...

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Under maintenance

Of course, there will be more great plans in the future, so stay tuned~


Don't hesitate to reach out to us to be part of the most trusted network and business community.


Need help? Here are some of the frequently asked questions

  • The game runs on cryptocurrency. There is a gas fee on each transaction. If you have 0.0000 BNB, there is a need to have at least 0.0003 BNB for 1 WonderBox, or a total of 0.005 BNB for 5 WonderBoxes. Additionally Metamask plugin/extension on your web-browser will need to be installed.

  • Do send your request via email to Metapac Support if you need some. A small fee will be charged.

  • The total HON & WND token you farmed from your daily gameplay.

  • Wonderhero provides guilds with backend system to track daily performance, which includes your daily earnings.

  • Depending on your % of profit sharing, the guild will disburse earnings into your Metamask.

  • The guild will disburse earnings daily (subjected to the team's work schedule).

  • You can refer to Dextools for the latest price of a WND token.
    Contract address for WND token is 0xB2AA453B56b495cb95BC9fa72E7706B84e41EE54.

  • You can refer to Dextools for the latest price of a WND token.
    Contract address for WND token is 0x20a30a68bea440c34f7ca4aa31527c9180836f86.

  • You need to go to their website and connect your metamask wallet over there. Then you go to my account on top right, click on set up account in the middle of a banner. You can use your email that you registered on the application form for your scholarship.

  • No

  • On the website top right, click log in. It should pop out your metamask. You need to have metamask extension on your google chrome browser.

  • You have to manually click withdraw from the website. It's NOT automated. If there's an error, try again later. Server may still be congested.

  • Yes, but only a small amount of BNB.

Metapac Guild Scholarship Application

We are providing scholarships for our Play2Earn NFT Games community.

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