ECHOOO and Coinlive to Launch “The Great Web3er” After-Party in Hong Kong on 12 April


ECHOOO is a company that emphasises technical innovation and build next-gen web3 infrastructure for crypto marketplace for people. It is backed by Skyview, A&T, and DFJ teams and received tens of millions of dollars of angel investments from them. ECHOOO combined technical strength from both Web2 and Web3 worlds and formed one of the strongest technical teams in the Asia Pacific Region.


Coinlive is a one-stop news source and cryptocurrency independent data portal serving the Asian market. We constantly pursue timely, comprehensive, professional and accurate information and data, and are committed to providing better products and services for blockchain entrepreneurs and digital currency investors.

ECHOOO and Coinlive will be hosting its inaugural overseas event on 12 April with Jinse Finance as the strategic media partner. Held at Mirage Bar & Restaurant in Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View hotel from 7pm to 10pm, “The Great Web3er” after-party is an event that will connect different sectors of society together.

As Web3 continues to make massive advances, its potential to transform the business models across sectors is by no means marginal. Numerous industries have already embraced the Web3 revolution while others are exploring its potential by looking to leverage Web3 technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts to increase transparency, efficiency, and security in their operations. What then can we look forward to and expect from the Web3 ecosystem?

At this event, networking opportunities abound as you get to interact with some of the brightest minds in the industry and connect with other like-minded professionals. Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, or simply interested in this exciting space, this not-to-be-missed event will definitely be an eye-opening experience!

TICKETS ARE FULLY REDEEMED but interested parties can join the waitlist here.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be catered at the after-party.

Event Details

🗓 Date: 12 April 2023 l Wednesday
📍 Venue: Mirage Bar & Restaurant, Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
🕰 Time: 19:00 – 22:00

*TICKETS ARE FULLY REDEEMED. Feel free to join the waitlist!

Personnel Details

Co-hosts: ECHOOO x Coinlive
Strategic Media Partner: Jinse Finance
Partners: EVT, Force Protocol & P1X Labs

If you would like to sponsor this after-party, please contact Siew Meng for more information on the sponsorship packages.

Email: [email protected]
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Strategic Media Partner: Jinse Finance

Founded in 2016, Jinse Finance is a Chinese leading integrated information service platform of blockchain and crypto industry, covering more than 17 million users, integrating the latest global information, market data, industry trends, community activities, business incubation, brand services, knowledge colleges and other services.

Partners: Force

Force is a decentralised multi-chain social application for short videos. Force provides AI publishing tools, trading markets, decentralised social interaction, DAO, and more. These help creators issue assets, create communities, and ultimately establish a Watch-to-Earn economic ecosystem. Meanwhile, Force uses MPC technology to provide a convenient and efficient user experience, reducing user entry barriers. Users can quickly and conveniently watch short videos, purchase and trade EVT, NFT, digital currencies, participate in creation, and more in Force.

EVT Protocol

EVT Protocol is the next-generation decentralised asset issuance protocol and infrastructure. It can be used to issue movies, TV shows, music, documents, and more, establishing a brand new token-based economic model. Through technologies such as post-quantum cryptography, zero-knowledge proofs, decentralised storage, streaming media, and network acceleration, data can be tokenised, and users can own data as a reality, which can be conveniently traded.

P1X Labs

P1X is a Metis Ecosystem Accelerator and Project Incubator for the APAC Region. As a leading ecosystem accelerator EcoNode within the Metis Foundation, P1X is dedicated to nurturing collaboration and empowering regional projects in the Asia Pacific region. Our focus is on unlocking the potential of web3 and DeFi innovations through the cultivation, investment, and execution of strategic partnerships and cutting-edge web3 solutions.

Metapac Group

Metapac Group

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