Virtualtech Frontier and Metapac Market Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand Metaverse Enablement Services

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Virtualtech Frontier (VTF), an award-winning virtualization and metaverse enablement company, has announced a strategic partnership with Metapac Market, a forward-looking solution provider that elevates your brand through delivering on-demand, value-based holistic services. VTF has created a platform called Mitoworld, which enables users to build their own metaverses for various purposes. Through this partnership, the community can freely express their creativity, hold events, and integrate it into their businesses, among other things. This metaverse enablement offers the community a unique opportunity to explore new possibilities and unleash their imagination.

As an active facilitator of tech and start-up communities in Malaysia backed by 500 Global and Blockchain Founders Fund, VTF is at the forefront of innovation in the virtual world. By partnering with Metapac Market, VTF is further expanding its reach in the metaverse and enhancing the user experience through cutting-edge solutions.

“The partnership with Metapac Group enhances our ability to reach a wider range of communities and provide them with our virtualization and metaverse enablement services,” said Jason Low, Founder and CEO of Virtualtech Frontier. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Metapac Market in supporting and elevating startups to new heights and equipping them with the tools and expertise they need to thrive in the virtual world.”

Metapac Market is dedicated to providing value-based solutions to startups and helping them unleash their full potential. By leveraging VTF’s advanced technology and Mitoworld platform, Metapac Market aims to offer even more comprehensive solutions to the community. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with VTF and offer our community from the ASEAN region the best of both worlds – our expertise in Web3 services, combined with VTF’s metaverse enablement solutions,” said Arthur Tan, CEO of Metapac Group. “Together, we aim to provide the community with a range of innovative solutions that will help them succeed in the virtual world.”

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Under the partnership, VTF and Metapac Market will develop new solutions and services that enable startups and businesses to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Metaverse. These include metaverse creation, hybrid/ virtual conferences, livestream events etc. With their combined expertise, VTF and Metapac Market aim to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of solutions that are tailored to their unique needs.

This partnership is expected to have a significant impact on the metaverse industry, particularly as more businesses and startups look to expand into the virtual world, especially big brands from the Web2 space. By combining their respective strengths, VTF and Metapac Market aim to help clients unleash their full potential and achieve their goals in the virtual world.


Virtualtech Frontier (VTF) is a leading metaverse and virtual spaces development company backed by 500 Global and Blockchain Founders Fund. Since inception, VTF has virtualized hundreds of companies and brands, such as Nestle, Omega and Bytedance. VTF has now expanded its presence regionally, having partners in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and more. Striving to bring everyone into the metaverse, VTF has developed as a no-code metaverse development platform that simplifies the creation and connection of purpose-driven metaverses.


Mitoworld is a revolutionary no-code metaverse SaaS platform that allows users to create a metaverse within 5 minutes quickly. It is easy to use, customise, deploy and share. Powered by Virtualtech Frontier and backed by 500 Global and Blockchain Founders Fund, Mitoworld’s platform is set out to become the go-to solution for brands and communities to explore exciting methods of brand expression in the metaverse.


Metapac Group is a visionary and dedicated ASEAN Web3 ecosystem builder, committed to delivering meaningful impact and driving positive change. With a focus on three key verticals, we are dedicated to nurture, influence, and support the founders and builders of Web3 and blockchain-based projects that aim to bring goodness to communities, people, and the world. We believe in the power of technology to create a better future, and our goal is to play a crucial role in fostering the growth of this revolutionary movement.

Our aspiration is to accelerate Web3 adoption in this region and position Malaysia as the pivotal hub of the center of excellence for web3 and blockchain.

Metapac Market
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