Tech Investment Show 2023

Asia Pacific’s Premier Tech Investment Platform in Leading Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Opportunities

Southeast Asia is a rapidly growing market for technology and innovation, and staying informed about the latest developments in areas such as generative AI, Web 3.0, and deep tech can help investors maximize their returns. Investing in the most talented and ambitious technologists and builders in the region can also be a wise strategy.

According to IBEO, a subsidiary of the SET-listed M Vision PCL, the Tech Investment Show will debut on February 16–19, 2022, in the heart of Asia’s tech scene, Thailand. This expo aims to showcase light on the most exciting investment trends in the hottest sectors:

Highlight Vertical across the event:

What will you experience at Tech Investment Show 2023?

As an investor :

  • Connect with the best startups, corporation and the investment communities to capture more investment opportunities 

As a startup:

  • Opportunities to meet and consult directly with various angel investors, CVCs,and venture capitalists.
  • Chance for startups to win the award from the “Pitching Day.” 

We are looking for startups in the Tech industry with a growth mindset that is ready to lead the future revolution around the world. If you like to showcase yourself and ready to raise funding from the best investors globally, submit your project here until 30 Jan 2023.

All participants will get a chance to:

  • Expand your network and level up your startup in the dynamic Asian tech landscape
  • Hear from and connect with global C-Level executives, professionals, and influencers in tech
  • Update tech investment trends industry

Tech Investment Show 2023 offering a great opportunity for individuals and companies in the tech industry to learn about the latest investment trends, connect with startups and investors, and explore potential investment opportunities.

Conference Zone

To provide attendees with an understanding of the significant impact of technology on every sector in the tech industry; have the opportunity to hear from industry experts, thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs who will share their insights, experiences and strategies for success in the tech industry.

Exhibition Zone

To provide attendees with the opportunity to meet and learn about organization that are scaling up. Attendees has the chance to learn about the latest innovations and technologies in the tech industry and be able to speak directly with the organization and learn more about their products, services and investment opportunities. 

Business Matching Zone

To provide attendees with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with top investors. The business matching zone is an excellent opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to connect with potential investors and secure funding for their projects. The zone aims to facilitate these connections, and to create an efficient and effective way for attendees to explore potential investment opportunities.

Networking Zone

To provide attendees with the opportunity to connect with exclusive and thought-leading investors, corporations and founders in various tech verticals. A platform for attendees to expand their professional networks and discover new opportunities for growth and expansion in the tech industry.

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