ETHVietnam 2022


On NOV 25-26, 2022, ETH Vietnam – the first hub for the blockchain community to build, learn & share – was successfully held with nearly 2,000 attendees at the famous historical site of Vietnam – The Independence Palace, HCMC. The event brings together the world’s leading entities and experts in Web3, blockchain, contributing to the development of the local blockchain builder community.
In contrast to other usual Blockchain and Web3 conferences, ETH Vietnam is not only for DEVs but for all technology and Blockchain enthusiasts. With the participation of the world’s leading companies, projects, organizations, investment funds and blockchain communities, the event aims to create opportunities to BUIDL, LEARN, SHARE and CONTRIBUTE to shape the world and to turn the Vietnamese community into a dynamic center for the development and innovation of Ethereum in particular and the Blockchain sector as a whole.

ETH Vietnam is supported and accompanied by the world’s iconic blockchain entities, namely Ethereum Foundation, 1inch, Blockpour, BCW, Scroll, Polygon, OKC, MassBit, CoinF, imToken, Klaytn, Certora, DeGate, AltLayer, Reddio, Quest3, Huobi global, Sky Mavis, Gnosis, rct.AI, Particle Network, Spheron, Starkware, BigCoin, Kyber, Tribe, BitDAO, Beosin, Tokenlon, Hyperlane, 5irechain, Unstoppable, zkp community, RMIT, etc.    

Featuring VCs all the way from Thailand!Presenting you:
👉🏻 Polpat Songthamjitti, Managing Partner of WhaleGround Crypto Fund 
👉🏻 Hikaru Kasai, Managing Partner of Elevate Ventures

Tune in to VC Connect Podcast Series, hosted by Metapac Venture, to unlocked the inner thoughts of renowned VC & plucking their brain juice on the market sentiments right now:
🗓: 5th December 2022 l Monday 
⏰: 9:00 pm (GMT+8) 
📍: Twitter Space @metapacgroup

💥💥Our honored to have Tiffany Lai, Ecosystem Growth Lead, NFTs of Ava Labs & the Committee Lead of Taipei Blockchain Week 🥳 
Jump on this chitchatting session with Tiffany, ask her anything about TBW & Bu Zhi DAO. & there is also news about the attendance of Vitalik to one of the TBW partner’s event 🤔 Let’s find out more from her!

She will also be giving away 5 tickets to TBW!!!
📱: Twitter Space

*Gentle Reminder* 
Please make sure your twitter account is a PUBLIC account in order to stand a chance to walk away with TBW ticket!

Ms. Aya Myaguchi – Executive Director of Ethereum Foundation giving an opening speech

Let’s look at some of ETH Vietnam 2022 highlights:

  • 1800+ attendees 
  • $80,000 USD in total prize for BUIDLATHON 2022 (1 main topic & 11 bounties from 11 sponsors)
  • 250+ hacker team registered
  • 200+ speakers, moderators, experts
  • 110+ media partners
  • 45 keynotes & workshops
  • 50+ projects applied demo pitch day 

Ms. Quinn Giang – Founder of ETH Vietnam – highlighted the milestones of ETH Vietnam 2022

(BUIDL) BUIDLATHON 2022 – Not just for DEVs
ETH Vietnam BUIDLATHON connects the most talented Buidlers from Vietnam and around the world for Web3 Application ideas with total rewards of up to $80,000+.
  • First prize: $6,000USD
  • Second prize: $4,000USD
  • Quadratic funding: $5,000USD
  • Total $70,000 bounties from 1inch, Polygon, Blockpour, Scroll, BitDAO, DoraHacks, Reddio, Hyperlane, Tokenlon, Game7, Spheron.
There were 130 submitted projects in total, 18 of which were new ideas and the rest were ideas developed from existing projects. The projects were diverse in topics and categories like Social Application, Infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, Web3, etc.

The results were close and the judges made hard decisions yet the build teams did so well. and ZkForm excellently won the first and second prizes, respectively.
  • project: Developer tools to manage and modularize smart contracts
  •  ZkForm project: Zk infrastructure for information privacy

Top 11 BUIDLATHON finalists still have the chance to join the Online Quadratic Funding with a chance to win up to $5,000 prize pool. The results will be publicly voted by the community.  

Congratulations to all ETH Vietnam 2022 Buidlers. 
(LEARN) TRAINING WORKSHOPS – From theoretical knowledge to practical implementation
30 training workshops were organized by leading global and domestic speakers and experts to deep dive into various topics from technical dev tips, the current market trends for NFT, Defi, DAOs to career skills and opportunities. We encourage dynamic format in each workshop so that attendees could share their opinions, debate with mentors and ask questions. We gather everyone not to listen but to learn and share. We want to make a real impact on the audience.

Yes, we did confirm: ETH Vietnam 2022 is for everyone. All can join a hand and grow together.

(SHARE) Keynote & Panel Discussion

Panel Discussions bring thematic discussions on the latest trends and knowledge led by leaders from reputable organizations such as Ethereum Foundation, 1inch, Blockpour, BCW, Scroll, Polygon, OKC, MassBit, CoinF, imToken, Klaytn Foundation, Certora, DeGate, AltLayer, Reddio, Quest3, Houbi global, Sky Mavis, Gnosis, rct.AI, Particle Network, Spheron, Starkware, BigCoin, Kyber, Tribe, BitDAO, Beosin, Tokenlon, Hyperlane, 5irechain, Unstoppable, zkp community, RMIT, etc.


Said Speaker Matthew Nolan ( “The panel discussion was amazing. It was full of insightful sharings, healthy discussions from not only the speakers but also from the audience. I have never been so overwhelmed. The audience and ETH Vietnam were awesome.”

(CONTRIBUTE) Demo Pitch Day
We successfully connected top 15 buidl teams in front of top global VCs to call for financial and technological support. It’s a huge opportunity to bring their game-changing ideas to the spotlight, contributing their passion to shape the future of blockchain and web3 in Vietnam, SEA and the world.
Let’s make blockchain and web3 great!
ETH Vietnam is not here for serious conferences and hackathons. We’re here to buidl, but we’re also here to meet and chill.

Believe it or not, Web3 is not about technical theories but the best chill experiences ever like what we brought to ETH Vietnam 2022: VR games, music, food, graffiti art, etc.

In the end, without your interest and participation, we would not have had such a great ETH Vietnam 2022.

Thanks for everything. Please stay tuned to our next events with even greater blast.

Congratulations & Well done to Suci Blockchain Hub fro pulling off such a great event! It is not an easy journey but you guys nailed it! Kudos to Quinn Giang, Founder of Suci Blockchain Hub & Organizing Chairperson of ETHVietnam, & of course your entire team!

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