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Since its establishment in 2015, the Ethereum Foundation has strived towards becoming the world’s global, open-source platform for programmable cryptocurrency and decentralized applications to promote user autonomy over their data. Metapac Group is proud to announce its attendance of one of the Foundation’s ongoing events, ETHVietnam!

EthVietnam poises itself at the very edge of our future. With plans in place for global discussions on Web 3.0, workshops, free training sessions, hackathons and speakers, it’s hard to imagine a livelier occasion to celebrate and further the world of Web 3.0. As a group striving towards the very same goal, we’re delighted to be attending ETHVietnam this year!

A special zone for a panel discussion, talkshow, workshop, live stream presentation, and buffet fundraising dinner

Buidlathon event space. Online & on-site competition. Web2 to Web3 transformation, social application, infrastructure

Exhibition and installation for Web3 including: infrastructure, DeFi, met averse, NFTs, and more

A special zone for an open bar, F&B booths, networking talk, free childcare, live music & DJ

EthVietnam will be held in-person from the 25th to 27th of November this year. What’s in store, you ask?

Well, for one, EthVietnam’s bringing together the best of the world’s talents – with over 100 selected speakers and industry leaders, and over 60 panels, workshops and roundtables, you won’t be short of any learning opportunities! For businesses, EthVietnam provides an exclusive networking space and publicity window, with over 80 international partners, YouTube celebrities, top media outlets and live podcasts in attendance. However, even if you’re just an ordinary surveyor, EthVietnam still has much remaining for you to uncover – from live exhibitions, an immersive NFT gallery and futuristic installations, to wild social events, there’s something for everyone!


This year, EthVietnam will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! We here at Metapac hope to see you there, so don’t hesitate to book your tickets now via! Join us at the forefront of the future – we’ll be anticipating your arrival.

With the participation of hundreds of speakers from the teams: Ethereum Foundation, 1inch, zkSync, Scroll, Degate, Moralis, Polygon, ZKEX & many Web3 communities. Along with experiences in VR, NFT exhibitions, Music DJ is famous for networking parties with global teams & VCs. 

The biggest conference & hackathon in Vietnam.
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